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Why It Is Important to Incorporate Improved Technology in Dental Procedure

We are now living in an age where technology in every aspect of our life is changing. What were used during our childhood days are no longer valid these days as new improved technology has brought in new changes.

The same thing is also true with dental procedures and treatment that are provided by the modern-day dentists. The kind of dental procedures used earlier are no longer valid and now we have much superior methods that use the latest technology. You may visit the website to know how the field of dental treatment is changing and what are the various new procedures being evolved in this field.

In this small article, we shall share a few new technologies used in the field of dental treatment –

  • Digital X-rays

With the help of X-rays, we can detect many things however most of the parents of young children are usually concerned about exposure to X-rays which is in fact a genuine concern. Therefore, the new technology provides digital X-ray as a solution which can drastically reduce the risk of radiation exposure and can help the dentist to carry out accurate diagnosis.

  • Laser cavity detection

Few years back even the most experienced dentists were not able to detect cavity in our teeth with naked eye, which is now possible with laser technology. This new technique has made the cavity detection so easy and convenient.

  • Cone beam imaging

With the help of the traditional X-ray method, dentists can do very limited amount of diagnosis and therefore the new technology of cone beam imaging is done so that dentists can get 3-dimensional view of our mouth. When this image is further analysed with advance software, it enables dentists to do accurate diagnosis.

  • Intraoral imaging

With this technology, it is possible to take digital images of your teeth and gum with high level of accuracy at different angles and can make the job of any dentist very easy.

  • CEREC technology

This is another very exciting technology that modern science has given to us. This has totally changed the way the dentists used to do restorative and cosmetic dental surgery. Here the diagnosis is done with the help of computer by taking 3-dimensional impression of your mouth. This helps in creating exact crowns, veneers and much more things so that your original smile can be fully restored.

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