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Teeth Whitening Procedure And Costs Explained In Detail

It’s no secret that pearl white teeth make for a pleasant smile and can make you feel better about yourself. Unfortunately, as we age, the enamel (outer layer of our teeth) is eventually worn away making your teeth not so pearly anymore. The discoloration on our teeth often stems from our eating and overall lifestyle habits. For example, smoking and indulging in beverages such as coffee, red wine, and tea is the primary cause of staining in adult teeth. Fluorosis, a condition caused by overexposure to fluoride, can also lead to staining of the teeth. Fortunately, there are ways to restore the brightness of adult teeth. This compilation takes you through the available options as well as the average cost of teeth whitening in each procedure.

Tooth whitening options

Though there are several ways to go about teeth whitening they all fall under two major categories; bleaching and non-bleach options. Gel bleaching is the most popular method of teeth whitening. Here, gels such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are used to bleach the outer portion of the tooth leading to whitening. The gels work by penetrating the enamel and oxidizing the stain deposits leading to brighter teeth. The average time of use of such bleaching agents is two weeks. During that duration, the user will have to apply the product multiple times a day.

Low concentration take-home bleaching kits will cost you anywhere from $150 to $500. High concentration bleaching solutions are best applied under the supervision of a dentist. Here, the dentist will prepare a custom bleaching tray which will depend on the severity of tooth discoloration. Bleaching solutions do work for most discoloration cases. The effects of bleaching gels can last long if the patient manages to shun excessive tobacco use and ingestion of dark-colored beverages.

Laser procedure

If you want faster results and have the money to spend, then laser teeth whitening is your best bet. A typical laser whitening session can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour. This procedure will cost anywhere from $400 to $1500 depending on the severity of the case. The method makes use of custom-fitted trays containing a paste of either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.

A laser is then used to heat the paste to speed up the oxidation process. Though laser whitening is by far the fastest whitening procedure available to patients, they will still have to visit their dentist’s office a few times. Laser whitening works best when combined with custom-fitted trays to ensure long-lasting results. However, the patient will still need to visit the dentist’s clinic every few months.

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