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Dental Care

Six most Common Dental Procedures

A lot of people get overwhelmed and a little scared when it comes to go to a dentist. But you must know that with the advanced technology, the dental procedures have become very smooth.

Here are six most common dental procedures that you may like to know:

  • Filling of Teeth and Repairing: Teeth cavities or decay are very common problems among all age groups. From children to adults, anybody can face this problem. There are several ways to detect tooth decay such as cavity-detecting-dye, laser fluorescence decay detention kits, and x-rays. Most of the time only x-rays are done to detect small cavities. Many factors can lead to teeth trauma such as nail biting, a broken tooth, bruxism (tooth grinding), or opening tin or other things with teeth. You have to ask your doctor what material will best suit to your tooth while filling it.
  • Extraction of Teeth: When a tooth decays beyond repair, it has to be extracted from its roots. Many reasons can lead to extraction but the most common are broken or severely decayed tooth. Some people grow extra teeth over the already existing teeth. These extra teeth need to be extracted. The main problem is with wisdom teeth because they have to be extracted in most of the cases. Sometimes they do not come up the gums and the dentist needs to extract it surgically. In very few cases people may not need to extract the wisdom teeth. Emergency dentist in Brisbane, MGA dental are very efficient in all types of dental procedures and restorative dentistry.
  • Dental Caps: Dental crowns are used to cap cracked, chipped, damaged, strained or a broken tooth to save it. Also known as dental caps, these crowns are made up of metal, porcelain or with a combination of cosmetic materials. These caps are fixed on the damaged tooth up to the gum line. Along with giving strength to the tooth, it improves the looks also.
  • Whitening of Teeth: Teeth may lose their color with age. There can be many reasons such as drinking lots of coffee, cold drinks, black tea, trauma to the teeth, smoking cigarettes etc. that can lead to the staining of teeth. Going to the doctor for whitening of teeth is a very popular cosmetic procedure. Peroxide based substances are used to whitening the teeth.
  • Dental Implants: This is the most expensive and time consuming procedure. Dental implants are used to replace the missing teeth. If only two or three teeth are missing, then the dentist may suggest removable or permanent bridging. Most of the people go for permanently fixed bridges as they are durable and there is no chance of them getting loose or movement.
  • Root Canal: There are very thin and small tissues in the centre of our teeth. If the tooth is decayed up to the pulp in the centre, then root canal procedure is important to do. After cleaning the tooth, the root canal is sealed off. Since the tooth becomes very weak, a cap is used to cover the tooth which strengthens the tooth.

You must take the help of an experienced dentist to get these procedures done.

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