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Required Preparations Prior to Dental Implant Procedure

There are a few preparations that both the doctor and patients need to take before implant treatment. Different examinations and procedures must be performed prior to the dental implant procedure. The dentist will have to carefully examine the patient to see whether he or she qualifies for this procedure. Here is a list of the most common preoperative examinations performed before implant treatment.

Blood Test

Systemic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, may likely ruin the dental implant surgery. So if a dentist discovers any disease that may likely affect the treatment, such infections must be attended to. In other words, treating the infections and disease is a priority.

Mouth Examination

This process involves examining the condition of the gum ridge and biting. This will help the doctor decide the perfect size and the best position to place the implant. It is important to treat any problems such as tooth decay and gum disease prior to treatment.

X-ray Examination

Dental implant surgery requires good, healthy jaw bones. Not only that the bone has to be very thick. This will provide the right support for the implants to sit perfectly. The best way to determine the bone volume, as well as the shape of the teeth, is to perform an x-ray examination.

Periodontal Exam

The periodontal check is a vital aspect and must be performed before the surgery. This is done to determine the conditions of your gum. A patient suffering from gum disease is no right candidate for dental implants. Treating gum disease is a priority.  First, the doctor will have to develop a treatment plan for the gum disease. Once the gum is fully restored and considered healthy enough, then the surgery can be performed.

The results gotten from the examination mentioned above will determine the right treatment plan for the patient.

What the Patient Need To Do Before Implant Treatment

If you’re considering performing dental implants, a big congratulations to you. But there are some perks that come with this procedure. Just like other surgery types, dental implant treatment requires that patient make changes to their lifestyle. Most people find it difficult to stop drinking and smoking. Fact is smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol during implant procedure will ruin your chance of getting a perfect teeth replacement procedure. Furthermore, it will have a negative impact on bonding ability between the bone and the implant itself.

Although these habits don’t stop the treatment from happening, they can increase the likelihood of a failed treatment. Since some people can do without drinking and/or smoking in a day the best thing to do is to reduce intake to the barest minimum. This should be done a few weeks before treatment.

More importantly, the patient should learn to keep good hygiene and ensure the body is in good health. If the patient is diagnosed with high fever, treatment will be prolonged. Even the littlest ill health may prolong recovery and healing time after surgery. So, therefore, it is important that the patient is in good physical condition before dental implant treatment.

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